Center Pivot Mirror Cell


Motorized Collimation


gearmotor.jpg (42186 bytes)

I was looking for a right angle gearbox, and couldn't find one so I used this.  It is 2" long and 1" dia.  The reversible dc gearmotor is from Jameco - part #155011CX is 2 rpm at 12v no load.  By the time it was loaded and had voltage loss in the handpad line, the rpm dropped to 1.25 which is just about right for the thread pitch I am using - 7/16 national fine @ 20 threads per inch.  This is just a stainless bolt with the head cut off  which is mated to the gearbox shaft with an aluminum sleeve made on the drillpress.


motormount.jpg (47121 bytes)

To properly align the motor in the mount, the mounting hole is oversized and the gap filled with epoxy after everything is in place.


collimationMotors.jpg (79788 bytes)

The handpad switches are Radio Shack 275-709 DPDT center off momentary contact.  The cable is 24ga 6 conductor phone line.  2 conductors are used for bringing power to the handpad and each motor gets a pair.